Seitai Tanigawa, Manual therapy and Body Conditioning of Osteopathy

Seven features

To sense where the problem lies

By tracing “membranes” from a wide range of areas throughout the body, we can find the physical limitations that are contributing to symptoms and problems.

From the cranium to the internal organs. From the bones to the blood vessels.

Not only muscles and joints, but also bones and internal organs can be relaxed as targets of treatment. Therefore, it has records and potential for more complex and difficult problems.

Safe soft touch

The treatment is very soft. We have experience safely treating people from one month old to 90s, from pregnant women to cats.

Dealing with difficult problems and symptoms

No matter how difficult a problem or how hard it is to cure, it is possible to find the points associated with it. The more people who have gone to various places and almost given up, the more we want them to try this treatment.

it often makes a lot of things better

Many people leave with many more improvements than their original concerns. As you can see in the examples of treatment below, we recommend our treatment also for those who have more than one problem and for the prevention of diseases and injuries in various performances .

Moving forward without return

The parts of the body affect each other, but there are always forces and priorities at work. Because we examine and treat this, we can move on to the next point step by step, without having to treat the same area over and over again.

You don't have to go a lot and often

The treatment does not require frequent visits, as the treatment moves your condition forward step by step. The standard pace is once a month. Even so, you will see a definite change.

Aプラン:まずは試してみたい方、月1回ペースの方向け ・初回60分¥5500 ・2回目以降60分¥6600 → ・月に1回程度利用予定の方に適しています。 ・腰・首・肩・足痛など筋骨格系に問題を持つ方に適したペースです。 ・無料アフターフォロー30分は付与されません。 ※30分¥3300単位で受付可
Bプラン:月に2回以上の方向け ▷初回90分¥9900 ▷2回目以降70分¥7700 ・月に2回以上の方に適しています。 ・施術ごとに、翌日〜2週間有効の30分無料アフターフォロー施術が付与されます。 ・無料アフターフォローと通常の施術を重ねることもできます。(無料30分+70分など)
PLAN-B: For twice or more in a month
Cプラン:遠方よりお越しの方向け ▷100分¥11000 ・当日使用可能で3ヶ月有効な30分無料アフターフォローが付与されます。 Dプラン:オプションのみ利用の方向け ▷50分:¥5500 ・オプションの調整のみを受けたい方のためにご用意しました。不調がない方向けです。
【オプション】 ①アスリート・楽器演奏者向けの身体調整 →アスリートや音楽家・パフォーマー・格闘家や武道家など、身体をよく使う方向けに特化した調整です。 パフォーマンスでよく使う部位に対して、筋肉や筋膜だけでなく、手足の指の骨や手根・足根骨及びその周囲靭帯や腱も含めたより総合的かつ精密な身体の調整を行うことができます。 ②フェイシャル・オステオパシー →肌の美しさを底上げするために、顔面を構成するあらゆる組織の緊張と硬直を弛めて、肌の新陳代謝を促進します。 何よりも大きな特徴は、マッサージでは不可能な、顔面骨・頭蓋縫合・顎関節・硬膜・血管など、広範囲を施術対象として弛めることができることです。 現時点で自分の持っているポテンシャルを最大限引き出し、健康促進を兼ねて基礎部分の美しさを際立たせたい人におすすめです。 ③その他、特殊な調整 →特定の問題・課題などに対し、条件づけの調整を行うことができます。 簡単なカウンセリングによって、注意の焦点を特定の問題・課題に集めることで、ニュートラルな状態では出てこない身体の緊張・硬直を浮かび上がらせることができます。 これを弛めることにより、該当の問題を前にした時に現れる身体の負荷を一つ消すことができます。 (注)※オプションの施術は、全てのプランで受けることができます。全身の調整がどこまで必要になるかによって、施術に必要な時間や適切なタイミングが変わります。
【オプション】 ①アスリート・楽器演奏者のための身体調整 ②フェイシャル・オステオパシー ③その他、特殊な調整

Director, Seitai Tanigawa Osteopathy


Yoshinori Tanigawa

Representative of Seitai Tanigawa

Graduated from Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University. Graduated from Tokyo Ryojutsu Gakuin. Participated in various seminars and workshops at Osteopathic Association of Japan, JOPA (Japan Osteopathic Professional Association), SAHA Therapy Clinic, etc. I have studied a wide variety of methods and concepts, including osteopathy, oriental medicine, chiropractic including Applied kinesiology, manipulative bodywork, myofascial therapy, and Noguchi seitai. After opening my practice, I continued to search for more essential and efficient ways to ensure physical recovery from the various techniques and ideas, and this led me to my current style of treatment. We are able to deal not only musculoskeletal problems such as stiff shoulders and back pain, but also intractable problems and symptoms related to internal organs such as gynecological disorders.

Reviews and Treatment Cases

Here are some reviews.

50's Low back pain, lumbosacral strain

"The first thing that changed was the condition of my lower back every morning. I used to have to slowly raise my upper body and do flexibility exercises for about 10 minutes while sitting on the bed, worrying about my lower back, but now I can move normally. Although moving fearfully has become a habit because of my fear of the lumbosacral strain in the past"

30's Coldness

"I have terminal sensitivity to cold, which starts from the tips of my hands and foots, and even in the hot summer months, I could not help wear a stole in an air-conditioned place, but after just one session of the treatment, I did not feel cold.


'My toes, in particular, get cold when I wear sandals, and I used to feel cold all over, but that's gone, and they stay warm."..

50's, bunion, bow legs

"The symptoms of my bunion had progressed to the point where my left thumb was bent inward and I could no longer open and close. After about 50 minutes of treatment, my thumb was able to open outward without any problems. I was surprised that this too could be cured! I have also had stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and bow legs cured. Thanks to Mr. Tanigawa, I don't need a doctor anymore."

40's Allergies, stiff shoulders, improved posture

Although there was no dramatic change in the way my shoulder blades appeared after one treatment,I felt that my shoulder stiffness was gone and my shoulder blades returned to their original position..

Also, about a year ago, I began to have allergic reactions to eye makeup, such as redness, itching, and irritation around my eyes.

'To my surprise, after the treatment, I no longer had allergic reactions to eye makeup, and my original allergy to crustaceans was also cured..


40s Skin improvement; eczema, hyperpigmentation

"I had a recurring eczema and abscess on the back of my right hand from the base of my thumb to the front of my wrist for more than six months.

I also had hyperpigmentation, which always caught my eye and was worrisome. After only the first treatment by Mr. Tanigawa, the eczema disappeared and the pigmentation faded.

Thanks to Mr. Tanigawa, I am now completely cured."

50s, Uterine dysplasia

"I went to my gynecologist today to get the results of my cancer screening, The dysplasia of the uterine cells had lessened. The test results did not seem to indicate that the dysplasia was completely gone, The test results were negative, a statement that was not there the last time. The doctor said, 'There were a few dysplastic cells before, but this time there weren't even any.' Recent years the follow-up tests pace had been in three months, but now, it turned to six months. I was relieved to see that. I think it is largely thanks to Tanigawa-san's adjustment. The pain in my back is almost gone, and I feel that my coldness has also improved. Thank you very much."

Very clean and fresh air, and there are places of interest nearby. We hope you will spend a relaxing time both physically and mentally.

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